Past Special Issues

Here you will find a list of our past special issues and a link to articles:

Taiwan-Philippines Relations February 2021

Taiwan’s Post-Covid Economy February 2021

Stanford Perspectives March 2021

Disabilities and Society March 2021

EATS 2021: Narrating Taiwan April – May 2021

Taiwan’s Security & China-US Rivalry May-June 2021

Taiwanese Americans June 2021

The Housing Market June 2021

Music of Taiwan June-July 2021

Taiwan’s Covid-19 Spike July 2021

Between Generations July 2021

Pandemic, Tourism & Environment July 2021

Reflections from Afghansitan to Taiwan August 2021

The Outlying Islands September 2021

The Politics of Vaccination September 2021

KMT Chairman Election October 2021

Taiwan and the UK October 2021

Science and Technology November 2021

COP26 and Taiwan November 2021

Asian Mediascapes of Taiwan November 2021

Celebrities December 2021

Multilingual Taiwan December 2021

Summit for Democracy December 2021

Referendum 2021 December 2021

Taiwan 2022: Reflections, Predictions and Trends January 2022

Agriculture and Food Studies February 2022

In Memoriam: Robert Blust, 1940-2022 February 2022

The Sunflower Movement Eight Years On March 2022

Taiwan-Hong Kong Connection March 2022

Matsu Today March 2022

Ukraine and Russia-Taiwan and China April 2022

European Association of Taiwan Studies April 2022

Searching for Taiwan’s Flavour April 2022

Health Justice in Diversity May 2022

Taiwan’s Media Landscape May 2022

Queer Taiwan June 2022

Military Conscription June 2022

Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement For Trans-Pacific Partnership July 2022

Pacific Encounters July 2022

Reflections on Taiwan Studies July/August 2022